Friday – Environmental Equality

What does it mean to take shorter showers? For me, it means saving money. When I was growing up my dad would always lecture me about it. He would hear on the news that if everyone in the house shaved off a few minutes a day, the money savings was really something. I think this might be one reason I have never been the kind of person that showers every day. I would rather take one long shower every few days then really short showers every day.

Some people might think that by taking shorter showers, they are helping the water shortage around the world. Derrick Jensen thinks otherwise. He gives a staggering figure in his article Forget Shorter Showers in Orion Magazine. More then 90 percent of water used by humans is used by agriculture and industry. Taking shorter showers is definitely a good thing, but we really need focus on the Corporations and Big Ag that are using all the water! For example, golf courses. In Palm Springs there are 57 golf courses that each use a million gallons of water a day. That is usable, fresh water that is going towards a few people’s recreation! I know there are people all over the world that are searching for fresh water and going thirsty every day. How can we get them some water? Palm Springs is a desert! There shouldn’t be ANY golf courses here, let alone 57!

I figured out towards the end of Jensen’s article that his point is to actually stir up political protest. I have to say he did a good job at stirring up interesting emotions within me. I don’t often have strong opinions towards material that I read. Maybe because I don’t read very much serious material. This was really making me stop and say wait a minute! Apparently I do have some strong opinions towards political issues after all. I hope I can be bold enough to act on the serious things that are happening in my home state of Utah. When I get home I want to vote about things like nuclear power plants and drilling for oil in protected wilderness areas. I don’t want to be naive anymore-it’s time I stand up for my home!

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