Wednesday – Nick’s Solar System

Today I got to see Nick’s solar system he plans on using at his tiny house. It’s basically the exact same as the one I want to put on my cottage! Lonnie taught us some new concepts for two hours this morning, and then we got to work in groups all afternoon. My group is helping me get things ready and install a solar system at my cottage. Since no one in my group knows the first thing about solar system installation, we joined another group to experience how things work.

Nick brought everything to campus and spent some time explaining how he chose each specific component. I learned so many new words and equations, I am feeling overwhelmed! I know I need to choose the sizes for my system, so I decided to spend extra time tonight trying to decipher some ideas. Nick offered a neat how-to DVD for me to take home and watch, so I did. It explained very clearly what Ohm’s Law is and how to use Amps, Watts, and Voltages to determine what charge controller and what invertor I’ll need. I hope this gets easier.. Right now I have to move through everything really slowly and think hard what the difference between everything is.

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