Monday-First day of Energy 101 Class

Today I spent some time reading several articles about the current state of the world’s energy usage. It appears we are at a crossroads. There is no way to continue using such filthy energy sources, for one reason among many: the majority of oil is concentrated on the other side of the world. America depends on it very heavily, yet doesn’t have very many local areas to extract it from the earth. For example, in 2003 America used 25% of the world’s proven oil reserves while only 2% of that came from our country. Saudi Arabia and it’s surrounding countries contain two thirds of the worlds proven oil reserves. This is a concern because the world depends on that supply so heavily. When one person controls something that many other people want, it becomes a lucrative commodity. In this case, oil would immediately be noticed if there was any sort of shortage or extreme price increase.

I say, why not begin the transition to a less oil dependent society right now? There are so many readily available technologies that just need a push to get going. If society encouraged renewable forms of energy in Hollywood and government subsidies things could really change quickly!

I learned about one idea today called micropower. There could be small renewable power plants spread out all over the world, near the areas where power is needed. Another thing I read about is called a fuel cell car. In 2003 the technology was released with high hopes, yet I never remember hearing about it. Of course, I was only twelve years old.. A car that emits only water vapor that is powered by hydrogen fuel is completely different then the cars I’m used to. I wonder if that could really ever happen?

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